Joint Committee & Task Force Application Now Open!

Applications for SOMA’s Committees and Task Forces are now open.

Applications are due by May 3rd at 11:59 PST and are limited to interest in 3 Committees or Task Forces.

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Below is a list of all Committees/TF currently accepting applications as well as the mission statement for each and the content information for the Chairperson of each. Should you have general questions please contact Angela Pluguez and

Applications are currently being accepted for the following:

Strategic Planning Committee: The mission of this committee is to purposefully execute the Strategic Plan by creating actionable changes and opportunities for our members to engage with the pillars set forth by National SOMA. For more information contact Alana Castro-Gilliard at  

Pre-SOMA Committee: The objective of the Pre-SOMA Standing Committee is to carry out the existing activities of National Pre-SOMA on a larger scale, with the goal of increasing reach, membership, and resources to pre-medical students. These activities include, but are not limited to: strengthening Pre-SOMA’s social media presence, maintenance of the mentorship program, membership and recruitment, the establishment of new chapters, leadership development, and valuable programming development and execution, including innovative virtual and in-person programming. Composed of both medical students and pre-medical students from a variety of regions in the United States, and led by a Chairperson selected by the SOMA President, the Standing Committee will ensure the continuity of the recently instituted mentorship program, and explore ways to ensure the consistent growth and expansion of Pre-SOMA on the local and national levels. For more information contact Amanda Buzzetta at or Bailey Borycki at

Public Relations Committee: The public relations committee serves as a link between National SOMA and local chapters. In this role, committee members will be working to enhance their marketing skills and to collaborate on National SOMA initiatives. For more information contact Anjali James at  

Research Committee: The SOMA Research Committee is dedicated to the academic and professional advancement of osteopathic medical students through scientific research. The committee seeks to provide access to research opportunities, education on research practices, and promotion of research achievements for the purpose of shaping dynamic and productive student physicians. For more information contact Jantzen Faulkner at

LGBTQ+ Task Force: Our mission is to alleviate the healthcare disparities and enhance positive clinical outcomes within the LGBTQ+ community through outreach and physician education. For more information contact Gilbert Hernandez at  

Health Disparities Task Force: The task force seeks to eliminate healthcare disparities by providing strategies and programs that address discrimination, preventative action, health equity, and quality of health, while also educating osteopathic medical students and out members. For more information contact Gilbert Hernandez at  

Political Affairs Task Force: The mission of this task force is to help develop, guide and enact the advocacy efforts of National SOMA. For more information contact Jacob Nelson at

Professional Development Task Force: The mission of the task force is to provide everyone with the skills to successfully uphold the standard level of professionalism regardless of the setting. Unfortunately, this “standard” is not always clear and the mission is to help our members answer the internal question that should be guiding us in our decision making despite not always having written protocols to follow. Through a year of engaging and informative opportunities our peers will be able to answer the question and uphold the professional principles in medical care. For more information contact Curtis McInnis at

Wellness Task Force: The mission of the task force is to promote wellness in all forms for medical students while providing tools that can be utilized throughout their career in medicine. For more information contact Kayleigh Helgesen at

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