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October 2021
(Hispanic Heritage Month; SOMA Recognition; OMED 2021)

September 2021
(National Recovery Month; OMED 2021; Charity Miles Competition)

August 2021
(Month of Mentorship; National SOMA Charity Miles Competition; OMED 2021)

July 2021
(What is Pre-SOMA; Pixorize Deals; Introducing the new Pre-SOMA Standing Committee)

April 2021
(Pixorize Deals; Virtual ShaDO Week Recap; May 5th-Personal Statement Workshop)

March 2021
(National ShaDO Week; National Pre-SOMA Mentorship Program)

February 2021
(DO Day and SOMA Spring Convention Registration Now Open; Save the Date for ShaDO Week 2021; Pre-Soma Mentorship Program)

January 2021
(Pre-Soma Mentorship Program; Pre-Soma Chapter Drive; Geico Deals; Upcoming Events)

December 2020
(New Pre-SOMA Mentorship Program; Pixorize Scholarship Winners; Osteopathic Presentation to NY AHEC; Geico Deals)

November 2020
(New Pre-SOMA Mentorship Program; Pixorize Scholarship Now Open; Geico Deals; Pre-SOMA Chapter Drive)

October 2020
(OMED 2020 Highlights; Geico Deals; Upcoming Pixorize Scholarship; Kicking-Off our Pre-SOMA Chapter Drive!)

September 2020
(OMED 2020 is Going Virtual; OMED 2020 Scholarships; Pixorize Scholarship Winners; OMT Video Series)