Strategic Plan

Read our specific Strategic Plan for 2021-2024 here!

Pillar 1: Voice in Public Policy and Healthcare Advocacy

Strategic priorities:

  • Be the primary source of the student opinion to the AOA.
  • Establish a platform for every SOMA member to express their views to the organization.
  • Represent the voice of osteopathic medical students in the public forum on matters pertaining to healthcare and public policy.

Pillar 2: Professional and Career Development

Strategic priorities:

  • Generate professional and career development resources for osteopathic medical students through every stage of their education.
  • Enhance resources at COMs to support the wellness and mental health of osteopathic medical students.
  • Create opportunities for mentorship, education, and research

Pillar 3: National Visibility and Public Image

Strategic priorities:

  • Enhance the visibility of National and Local SOMA priorities and initiatives at every COM.
  • Strategic Priority 2: Engage new tech and media channels to build greater awareness of SOMA’s positions and policies among key stakeholders

Pillar 4: Governance Alignment and Accountability

Strategic priorities:

  • Improve the National and Local transfer of leadership for improved continuity from year to year.
  • Establish metrics for annual evaluation of national and regional initiatives.
  • Establish a process for the regular review of the governing documents of the organization to keep pace with the field of osteopathic medicine.