Overdose Prevention Committee

About the Overdose Prevention Committee

The Overdose Prevention Committee, formerly the Overdose Prevention Task Force, was created in spring 2019 in response to the rise in preventable overdose deaths across the nation. The Task Force officially became a Committee via SOMA Resolution passed in the Spring 2023 SOMA House of Delegates.

The OPC focuses on six public health matters that contribute to overdose deaths in our communities. These issues include Good Samaritan Laws, Naloxone Distribution, Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) or Medication for Opioid Use Disorder (MOUD), Harm Reduction, Stigma Reduction, and Barriers to Access. The priorities and tactics guiding student advocacy and action are rooted in local and state laws, policies, and resources.

Our Mission

OPC shall prevent and reduce overdose deaths by:

  • Advancing education and training for osteopathic medical students regarding substance use treatment services
  • Improving substance use treatment policy by engaging in student advocacy
  • Promoting osteopathic medicine in substance use treatment services through community-based action
  • Destigmatizing substance use within the medical education community and promoting substance use treatment services that align with osteopathic principles

Our Vision

To eliminate overdose deaths around the country through osteopathic medical student education, advocacy, and action.

Overdose Prevention Pillars

  • Naloxone
  • Harm Reduction Education
  • Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT)
  • Access to Care
  • Stigma Reduction
  • Recovery

Notable Accomplishments

Over the past five years, the Overdose Prevention Committee (OPC) has made significant strides in combating overdose deaths. We have educated over 1,000 medical students through Medication-Assisted Treatment Waiver Training and trained students at over 40 Osteopathic Medical Schools in naloxone administration and distribution. Our efforts also include passing key resolutions to support harm reduction and expanding access to addiction treatment, developing a national overdose prevention toolkit, and continuing to develop strong partnerships with collaborators and stakeholders in overdose prevention and osteopathic medical student education.

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    OPC Leadership Team

    The OPC is overseen by the SOMA Community Outreach Director.

    Miranda Reed, OMS IV
    OPC Chair

    Paris Beauregard, OMS IV
    OPC Vice-Chair