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Angela Pluguez
Strategic Partnerships Director
NYIT College of Osteopathic Medicine at Arkansas State


AFFINITY GROUP UNDERWRITERS (AGU) is SOMA’s endorsed provider of member benefit insurance and discount programs including:

  • Life
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Travel
  • …and more

Take Advantage Of Group Rates, Benefits, Services And Discounts Available Only Through Your SOMA Membership!

For more information and a no-cost, no-obligation quote: or call 804.273.9797 (toll-free)

AGU, founded in 1997, is an independent insurance consultant, not owned or controlled by any insurance carrier. We specialize in developing and managing benefit programs and for members of associations nationwide.


A Free AOA Membership!

All osteopathic medical students have free American Osteopathic Association (AOA) membership. With that you receive access to all of the member benefits and discounts! View them here.

You’ll also find specific information for students at to help you transition into postdoctoral training and beyond.


Boards Boot Camp

SOMA members receive a 15% discount on all subscriptions and services! CLICK HERE to login to your SOMA account and access your discount code.

Boards Boot Camp is the ultimate boards prep program by DOs for DOs! Each and every Boards Boot Camp program is designed for and offered exclusively to osteopathic medical students and residents studying for COMLEX Levels 1, 2 and 3, as well as USMLE Step 1. Every Boards Boot Camp program is all- inclusive, supplying you with everything you need for successful boards prep! Boards Boot Camp now offers SOMA members a terrific $250 discount off of any Boards Boot Camp Ultra Program.



SOMA members receive a 15% discount on all subscriptions and services! CLICK HERE to login to your SOMA account and access your discount code.

COMBANK offers the first-ever test simulator, specifically designed to prepare osteopathic medical students and residents for the COMLEX Level 2-CE and Level 3 examinations. The program offers a performance analysis and provides detailed question explanations. They offer an exceptional bank of questions that mirror the exact question types and formats seen each year on the COMLEX examinations. SOMA members receive a 15% discount in all subscriptions and services.



SOMA members receive a 10% discount on all subscriptions lengths for the COMLEX and COMAT question banks! CLICK HERE to login to your SOMA account and access your discount code.

COMQUEST has prepared tens of thousands of medical students all over the country for the COMLEX and COMAT since 2008. The team at COMQUEST recently added thousands of new questions, with thorough explanations, to ensure that medical students are prepared for today’s testing standards for the COMLEX Level 1, COMLEX Level 2-CE, COMLEX Level 3, Family Medicine COMAT, Internal Medicine COMAT, Ob/Gyn COMAT, Pediatrics COMAT, Psychiatry COMAT, Surgery COMAT, and Emergency Medicine COMAT.

COMQUEST’s new platform includes more robust analytics in order to allow medical students to gauge performance on a variety of helpful metrics. The platform is responsive meaning it automatically adjusts to fit the size of your browser window, whether it’s a browser on an iPhone, iPad, Android tablet, or any other device. Alternatively, you can download one of their native apps from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Founded in 2008 by an osteopathic physician who was disappointed in the COMLEX products available, COMQUEST has since dedicated itself to providing the best COMLEX and COMAT preparation in the market. The team at COMQUEST maintains excellent customer service 365 days a year.


Cram Fighter

SOMA members receive a 15% discount on all plans! CLICK HERE to login to your SOMA account and access your discount code.

Cram Fighter is the easiest way to create and maintain a study schedule for the USMLE and COMLEX on your PC, Mac, iOS, or Android device. Creating a plan only takes a few minutes and Cram Fighter generates a daily checklist of tasks from your selected prep resources, so that you know exactly what to do each day to be ready for the big exam. You can easily make changes to your schedule without having to redo everything from scratch. Students who stick to their Cram Fighter study plan scored on average 15 points higher on the USMLE Step 1 than those that didn’t. SOMA members receive a 15% discount on all Cram Fighter plans. Try Cram Fighter free for 7 days at

DRS Agent Network

The DRS Network of agents is the quickest, easiest way to find a trusted, professional real estate agent when buying a home. This service is brought to you for FREE. The free service helps you find an honest, professional realtor who specializes in working with doctors. Using an approved realtor who has your best interests in mind gives you the peace of mind you desire when buying a home. Only qualified agents are selected into the DRS Agent network. Planning on buying a home in the next 12 months? Begin your process here and save time and money. Simply request to be matched with an approved realtor in the city in which you are buying at



SOMA members receive a 15% discount on all subscriptions and services! CLICK HERE to login to your SOMA account and access your discount code.

Thousands of USMLE, COMLEX and Shelf/NBME-style questions to make sure you can apply what you to know to the same questions you will see on test day. Firecracker structures your review schedule based on your changing strengths and weaknesses. We have combined proven neuroscience, data-driven technology, and world-class content into a fun and motivating user experience to help you ace your classes and crush the USMLE. Thousands of summaries of high-yield topics you need to know for class and standardized exams. High-yield Content edited by 50+ world-class attendings, residents, and medical students. We update and improve existing content on a daily basis based on new findings in science and clinical research. iPhone, iPad, and Android apps so you can learn on the fly. Firecracker provides funding opportunities for SOMA and SOMA members receive a 15% discount on regularly priced Firecracker Products.


GEICO Car Insurance

CLICK HERE to login to your SOMA account to access the link with our discount.

Contact GEICO today to receive discounted car insurance at (800) 368-2734. You can also visit their website Just mention you are a SOMA member to receive your discount!

At this time, Tennessee, Michigan, and Mississippi currently do not offer this discount.


Kaplan Medical

SOMA members receive a 10% discount! CLICK HERE to login to your SOMA account and access your discount code.

Save 10% on 1-month or Until Your Test access (12 months) to Kaplan’s feature-rich Qbank Q new High Yield on-demand online lecture course for the COMLEX and USMLE.

To enroll, click here or call 1-800-KAP-TEST.



Since 2007, MedSchoolCoach LLC has provided medical school application consulting services to hundreds of premedical students. We started this company after successfully going through the process ourselves. Dozens of people instantly wanted advice on how to do the same. We found that the advice people were getting from other sources was outdated or incorrect and often lead them down the wrong path. The primary reason for our success involves the use of Physical Advisors: Every advisor at MedSchoolCoach is a physician. You will never work with an “english editor”, a Zoologist, or a generic admissions counselor. We know exactly what medical schools are looking for in applicants and the hurdles you will face while becoming a physician.



PhysicianLoans provides special home loans, known as portfolio mortgages, to doctors including graduating medical students. The company allows a graduating medical student to purchase a home with no money down, no mortgage insurance and great rates. In addition, the company makes it possible to get Pre-Qualified prior to Matching and to move in to the home before residency begins. It is the perfect mortgage for a graduating medical student.

In business since 1993, PhysicianLoans is family owned and takes great pride in its reputation within the medical community. PhysicianLoans is a longtime supporter of SOMA and provides many workshops and webinars to educate SOMA members on the home-buying process. Contact them to speak with a Loan Officer and you will be impressed.

Call 877-913-6286 to see how they can help you!


Pixorize make visual mnemonics for biochemistry and the basic sciences, so you can get the score you deserve on the USMLE Step 1 and COMLEX Level 1 Exams. Our content library includes over 100 videos, covering topics like the biochemical pathways, vitamins, metabolic disorders, lysosomal storage diseases, glycogen storage diseases, apolipoproteins, and more. Learn more at

Thieme Publishers

SOMA members receive a 35% discount on all products! CLICK HERE to login to your SOMA account and access your discount code.

Thieme’s award-winning Atlas of Anatomy contains everything you need to successfully tackle the daunting challenges of anatomy and Thieme has partnered with the AOA to provide all new SOMA members with this Atlas! Complete with exquisite, full-color illustrations, the atlas is organized to lead you step-by-step through each region of the body. Each region opens with the foundational skeletal framework. The subsequent chapters build upon this foundation, adding the muscles, then organs, then vessels, then nerves, and finally presenting topographic anatomy for a comprehensive view. Enhance your studying even further with the companion Anatomy—An Essential Textbook.

SOMA members receive 35% off all Thieme products!!