Pre-SOMA Committee

National Pre-SOMA Standing Committee

In the Spring of 2021, Resolution S-21-04: “Creation of a National Pre-SOMA Standing Committee” was passed at the SOMA House of Delegates, which allows for expansion of the National Pre-SOMA reach.

The objective of the Pre-SOMA Standing Committee is to carry out the existing activities of National Pre-SOMA on a larger scale, with the goal of increasing reach, membership, and resources to pre-medical students. These activities include but are not limited to: strengthening Pre-SOMA’s social media presence, maintenance of the mentorship program, membership and recruitment, the establishment of new chapters, leadership development, and valuable programming development and execution, including innovative virtual and in-person programming. Composed of both medical students and pre-medical students from a variety of regions in the United States, and led by Co-Chairs (National Pre-SOMA Directors), the Standing Committee will ensure the continuity of the recently instituted mentorship program, and explore ways to ensure the consistent growth and expansion of Pre-SOMA on the local and national levels.

The following Pre-SOMA and SOMA members have been selected to serve as committee members in the 2022-2023 term:

Jordan Paluch, Kristie Nguyen, Madison Lambert, Noelle Batista, Amanda Wright, Jessica Kroner, Amna Khalid, Nirzari Mehta

We are very excited about the work that will be accomplished by National Pre-SOMA in the 2022-2023 term!