Welcome to Region I

Region I is comprised of eight osteopathic medical schools from Maine, New York, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey representing a diverse group of students hailing from across the nation and abroad. Our region is comprised of students with a dedication to community service, excellence in student leadership, and a passion for healthcare advocacy. Region 1 SOMA members strive to advocate for the osteopathic profession, community service within underserved communities, mental health advocacy, political advocacy, and much more! Want to learn how to become active in a chapter near you? Read more about each of Region I’s SOMA Chapters below!

Rowan University School of Osteopathic Medicine

Hello from RowanSOM’s chapter of SOMA! We are responsible for popular campus events such as Osteoblast, pancakes fundraisers, voter registration drives, ShaDO Day, and many more. We also provide information about national events such as DO Day on Capitol Hill, OMED, available national SOMA scholarships, and more.

After a big exam week, Rowan’s SOMA chapter held a De-Stress Fest. With the help of other campus organizations, we held a school-wide event designed to provide a relaxing, fun outlet for students. The festivities included coloring books, Play-Doh, calming jar making, crepes, hot chocolate, yoga, a pie-eating contest and more!

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NYIT-COM Old Westbury

NYIT-COM Old Westbury SOMA is working to promote advocacy and inspire osteopathic students at NYIT-COM!

Charity Miles: Students competed against each other to walk, run, and bike for a cause. Our total miles as a school was 484 miles. The winner won a fit bit!








Research Panel with AMSA: We successfully held a meeting with AMSA (American Medical Student Association) to introduce first years to school facilitators for research opportunities. This was our biggest meeting of the year and had a ton of first year students come out. We had academic scholars and professors from our school come out to explain the various opportunities available through the school and local hospitals for more clinical research.

Trivia Night: This year was the first time we decided to do a charity trivia game night with all the proceeds going towards Habitat for Humanity. Raising $450! We had local restaurants and grocery stores such as Moe’s, Stop n Shop, Starbucks, and a Diner gave us gift cards and other prizes we were able to auction off. We also were able to sell these cute mugs to people who came out with the winners getting free ones.
















Dr. Broader Speaking on the National Accreditation System: We brought back Dr. Broder, our advisor and Vice Speaker of the AOA, to hold a talk about the upcoming single accreditation system and the state of future residencies. This mainly intrigued the first years of our school as we had a good showing from them. Second years are currently busy studying for boards so overall meeting participation from them is limited. Regardless, I thought this was a successful meeting as Dr. Broder gave a realistic idea of what’s to happen to DO residency spots and gave advice on how to get a residency spot students may want. I found everyone who went to this meeting really engaged.

Soup Kitchen: As part of the SOMA initiative we were able to participate in a Soup kitchen with the “Ladles of Hope” organization. We sent 10 people to this event and volunteered for 5 hours. It was a great experience and would love to work with them again.










Music for Memories Drive: Last year’s Region 1 charity advocacy project was widely popular at the school and at the requests from some of our students we brought back the drive and the donated iPods will be sent to Nassau Hospital in LI.

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LECOM at Seton Hill

Our chapter provides meeting space for discussion of policies that affect osteopathic practitioners and our future patients. Each year we have a medical equipment fundraiser and Be the Match Drive. We also represent our school at the Pennsylvania Osteopathic Medical Association Clinical Assembly.

DO Day on the Hill: Students from LECOM at Seton Hill visited DC for the annual DO Day on Capitol Hill.











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PCOM SOMA in Philadelphia, PA.

Yearly, we organize a bunch of events. Our yearly community service events are Cradles to Crayons, Prevention Point, and Habitat for Humanity. We also participate and help to organize a series of lectures in Social Medicine and Cultural Competency. We also hold Resolutions Workshops so that our members can develop and present resolutions at the Spring and Fall National Conventions. We try to bring in topical speakers and listen to the members of our organization to bring in speakers that they would like to see. Our yearly fundraisers are a graduation rose sale, a white coat embroidery sale, and a march madness bracket competition fundraiser. We are excited to organize annual and new events for our members that will make them better physicians and better citizens!

Ace Community Lecture:
We organized a lecture where ACE taught us about Trauma informed interviewing.

2019-2020 PCOM SOMA E-Board Elections: We elected our new E-Board for 2019-2020.

Left to Right: John Spikes-Secretary, Gabija Usaite-Vice President, Jenna Campbell-National Liaison Officer, Patrick May-President, Devika Gupta-Treasurer, and Christina Bascara-Community Service Chair


General Body Meeting: We discussed future plans, National Convention, and DO Day.

March Madness Bracket Competition Fundraiser

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As one of the most active student organizations at UNECOM, we are proud of the impact we have had in the school community as well as in southern Maine and New England. In the past year, we have held events covering the entire spectrum of SOMA initiatives, several of which take place annually. Each year we hold fundraisers, including Dodging for Camp Sunshine, the Great UNECOM Bake Off, and a business card sale, which collectively has raised more than $1200 for charity this year. Our chapter also strongly focuses on training and education opportunities. In addition to hosting CV building and micro-aggression trainings, we helped co-sponsor a sexual history training as well as a seminar with clinicians and educators to unpack the patient-physician relationship in context of Larry Nassar and the “Believed” podcast. We have also been contributing to national initiatives, by doubling our student representation at DO Day on the Hill, participating in NONO (National Osteopathic Night Out), and ShaDO day. Most recently we have also been working on behalf of the “National Outreach for Diversity” initiative by collaborating with local underrepresented high schools to expand interest in medicine among students.























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TouroCOM NY opened its doors back in 2007, located in the heart of the Harlem community. Every year, our SOMA Chapter hosts the orientation week BBQ, ShaDOw day, participates in two local health fairs, and brings usually over 70 students to DO Day in Washington DC!

TouroCOM DO Day: TouroCOM Harlem was excited to bring 75 students to DC this year for DO Day! It was our largest group participation yet. Many of our students have an interest in policy and engage in healthcare politics in various ways back in NYC or before coming to medical school. It is a school-sponsored event that we hope to continue next year to keep our students actively involved in political advocacy for osteopathic physicians.
















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President: Abbey Santanello – asantane@student.touro.edu

TouroCOM Middletown

TouroCOM Middletown is one of two TouroCOM schools in NYS. Our campus is located in the Hudson Valley, by the foothills of the Shawangunk Mountains.

At TouroCOM we are passionate about osteopathic medicine, and the impact we have on our community. We like to get involved with our local politicians, volunteer with “Habitat for Humanity”, and keep our students engaged in social issues through monthly SOMA Social medicine talks.

Our Social Medicine Program continues to challenge students to think about issues ranging from poverty and lead exposure, to rural healthcare, and nutrition. Our SOMA talks are interactive and full of energy, like one we recently hosted where a local celebrity chef joined our SOMA faculty advisor with a joint presentation on obesity and eating healthy. Students were able to learn how to prepare easy and healthy meals to get them through busy school semesters.

We also like to get down and dirty with our politics! Beginning with the new year we have been organizing legislative meetings with local politicians in our area to advocate for issues important to medical students and our community. We discussed reinstating a New York state grant to help medical students with debt and making epinephrine available in public spaces for emergency use.

On days when we aren’t working hard, we enjoy evenings out at our local breweries, getting competitive at bowling night with our SOMA advisor, and exploring the nearby mountains with some of our more adventurous faculty- just a few of the small-town charms of Middletown!

SOMA Hiking Trip: Students enjoyed a relaxing day out in the mountains with SOMA advisor Dr. Zeszutek after a tough month of exams.











Poverty and Lead Exposure Risks- Social Medicine Talk: TouroCOM professor Dr. Christian Hietanen presenting on lead exposure within the context of the Flint water crisis as well as his own pediatric practice in our area.










Advocacy meeting with Assemblywoman Eileen Gunther: Meeting with Assemblywoman Gunther to talk about a resolution that was passed in the House of Delegates- making epinephrine available in public spaces for emergency situations; her staff is now looking at drafting a bill for this!  We also asked for her support and vote on a bill to help restore a New York state grant to help graduate students with school debt.










Rural Health Panel- Social Medicine Talk: Students were able to discuss the physician shortage and opioid epidemic in rural America with a panel of expert physicians. Although heavy topics, we enjoyed the humble, honest and, at times, humorous accounts from people with long careers behind them and much insight to offer.












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Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine — Erie Campus

We are located in Erie, Pennsylvania where it never stops snowing! Our SOMA Chapter hosts a variety of events including Bingo night at the Senior Center, the Big-Little Program and SOMA Suppers! We also put on a variety of fundraisers that include selling gloves for anatomy lab, small equipment for our history and physical course, and flowers at the commencement ceremony! One event we hold within our community is Craft Night at the Senior Center. LECOM is very lucky to have an associated Senior Living Center and SOMA has developed events to encourage students to volunteer with the residents. We have multiple events at the Senior Living Center each month including craft nights. Not only do the students enjoy a break from the grind of medical school, but the residents also look forward to the events and we have received plenty of positive feedback with a desire for more events. We also hold Bingo Night and Manicure Night and we have started doing Board Game Saturdays with the residents.

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Chapter President: Mikaela Wadding
Nat’l Liaison Officer: Lauren Hibshman

Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine — Seton Hall Campus

We are one of LECOM’s three campuses located in Seton Hill, PA. We are proud to share recent events where members were able to see delegations on a state level, interact with alumni, see the latest research posters by residents in the area, and attend clinical CME classes. SOMA students attended POMA clinical assembly recently, a 5 day event with lectures ranging from “first line antibiotics to give” to “newest treatments in atrial fibrillation”. The SOMA executive board simultaneously attended the Pennsylvania House of Delegates to watch state level elections and voting on policies. Members also attended Pennsylvania Osteopathic Family Practice Society awards and luncheons as was Alumni dinners for networking events.

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Chapter President: Eric Lemister
Nat’l Liaison Officer: Brad Winegardner

New York Institute of Technology College of Osteopathic Medicine

We are located in Old Westbury, Long Island New York. Our SOMA chapter holds many meetings throughout the year focusing on research opportunities, hosting guest speakers such as Dr. Fischer, a trauma surgeon, as well as various fundraisers. We aim to raise awareness of the Osteopathic profession within our community as well as educate community members about osteopathic manipulation.

Contact us: nyitcom@studentdo.com
Chapter President: Mohammed Kazim
Nat’l Liaison Officer: Ancy Alexander

Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine—Philadelphia Campus

Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine is one of two locations. This chapter is located in Philadelphia, the city of Brotherly Love! Our chapter is very active on campus and within the community. Our most recent event, we got together at Prevention Point Philadelphia. Prevention Point Philadelphia provides harm reduction counseling, syringe exchange, free medical care, support and education groups, and referral to social services and drug treatment. We will be volunteering with them for the next couple of weekends and will continue to do so over the coming year.

Contact us: pcom @studentdo.com
Chapter President: Gurjot Multani
Nat’l Liaison Officer: Andrea Weir

Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine—Harlem Campus

TouroCOM–Harlem is located in the middle of Manhattan, New York City, in the neighborhood of Central Harlem, on the same block as the Apollo Theater! As medical students in NYC, we enjoy the diversity of backgrounds of our class and the surrounding neighborhoods as much as we can! We have hosted Health Fair events in the past including Hip Hop Dancing with a Future Doc and plan to continue community events in the same spirit!

We recently hosted a Millennials in Medical Politics Fundraising Event in DC leading up to DO Day on the Hill, where we invited past AOA president- Dr. Levine, our current Clinical Dean, as well as Dr. Mikhail “Dr. Mike” Varshavski, to speak on osteopathic medicine political advocacy and what we can do as current students and future providers. Through the same event, we also raised funds for OPAC, the Osteopathic Political Action Committee, and consequently received the OPAC COMpete Award for the year. Also, for Pre-SOMA ShaDO Day, we hosted students and graduates from nearby colleges in the Tri-State Area to introduce them to osteopathic medicine and to our campus!

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Chapter President: Alex Shaykevich
Nat’l Liaison Officer: Connor Bailey

Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine—Middletown Campus

TouroCOM is one of two campuses in the state of New York located in Middletown. As a chapter, we hold and advocate a wide range of events and causes. Our chapter volunteers with Habitat for Humanity regularly! We work with both the Habitat for Humanity based in Middletown, where our school is located, and also in Newburgh, a high poverty/high need area in our county. We host a Research Symposium annually to give TouroCOM Middletown students an opportunity to showcase any of their past research, whether it be recent, during medical school, or in the past, during undergrad. This gives everyone the chance to see the amazing and wide varied of research that students have worked on, ranging from treatments for cancer to the feeding patterns of stingrays! We also have the opportunity to observe our county’s physician-advocates in action as well as advocate for medical student concerns directly to our elected officials. This was made possible through the The Medical Society, County of Orange, Inc. representing Orange County, NY physicians who organized a Town Hall Meeting with our county legislators and opened the meeting to TouroCOM Middletown students. But don’t be fooled — SOMA isn’t all work and no play. We went out for bowling and arcade games with our club’s faculty advisor. It’s really something when you’re beating your advisor at DDR and she suddenly jacks up the difficulty on just your game board!

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Chapter President: Jesse McIlwaine
Nat’l Liaison Officer: Jennifer S. Lee

Rowan Univ. School of Osteopathic Medicine

Rowan University School of Osteopathic Medicine is located in Stratford, NJ, and we are the ONLY osteopathic medical school in the entire state of New Jersey. Our student body is one of the most diverse, as it reflects NJ’s ethnic diversity. Most of our graduates go on to become practicing physicians in our state. We hold various events throughout the year: Pre-SOMA ShaDO day for pre-medical students, A Mentor of the Year Award, community fundraisers, and a Policy Talk to increase student body interest in political involvement.

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Chapter President: Marian Abdelmalek
Nat’l Liaison Officer: Shikha Patel

Univ. of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine

As one of the most active groups at UNECOM, we are proud of the impact we have had in the school community as well as within southern Maine and New England. In the past 6 months, UNECOM SOMA has held 11 events and managed to raise a total of $900.00 to donate to charity. In one year, we have tripled the number of DO Day on Capitol Hill attendees and have founded three new collaborative partnerships with organizations in the local Biddeford community (Heart of Biddeford, THRIVE Biddeford, and Thornton Academy). For the 2017-2018 year, UNECOM SOMA has also put on at least one event that is representative of each Board of Director Position, including a CV/resume building presentation, the Florence House Bake-Off, Music and Memory iPod Drive, National Osteopathic Night Out (NONO), Dodging for Camp Sunshine, a presentation on health disparities, Thornton Academy High School Science Fair Mentoring, Laugh, Imagine, Move, Breathe-o! (LIMB-o!), and a business card fundraiser.

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FacebookContact us: unecom@studentdo.com
Chapter President: Samantha Culver
Nat’l Liaison Officer: Sean Grogan