OMED 2018 Recap

OMED took place in San Diego from October 5th to the 9th. This year SOMA partnered with the AOA to create the Student and Resident Track, allowing SOMA members to have a more integrated experience at OMED.

The Student and Resident Track included many familiar SOMA events, such as our House of Delegates, the SOMA Foundation Awards Reception and the annual SOMA Board of Trustees elections, but it also included innovative speaker sessions, interactive workshops and a powerful new community outreach program.

Keep reading to find out everything that happened at OMED!

Congratulations to our Newly Elected 2019-2020 Board of Trustees!

President: Tyler King, OMSIII — NYITCOM at Arkansas State
Vice President: Harris Ahmed, OMSIII — BCOM
Parliamentarian: Wessley Square, OMSIII — PCOM
Treasurer: Christian von Gizycki, OMSIII — LECOM Bradenton
Region 1 Trustee: Samantha Culver, OMSII — UNECOM
Region 2 Trustee: Mayen Gonzalez, OMSII — ACOM
Region 3 Trustee: Matthew Masaru, OMSII — MSUCOM
Region 4 Trustee: Clara Hofman, OMSII — CCOM
Region 5 Trustee: Taylor Farish, OMSII — TUNCOM

We can’t wait to continue building SOMA and advocating for osteopathic medical students!

House of Delegates Outcomes

The Fall House of Delegates was a thoughtful and exciting display of SOMA members’ commitment to advocacy. We debated 20 resolutions and passed 4. Many resolutions were “Referred to Author,” a decision that means the House of Delegates agrees with the basic spirit, but believes the resolution could be stronger.

To see what happened with each of the 20 resolutions, take a look at the final Fall 2018 Resolutions Packet. Want to know more about the debates we had about each of the resolutions? Contact your Chapter’s President or National Liaison Officer, or our National Parliamentarian at

Congratulations are in Order: Miles on Miles on Miles

Instead of having Charity Miles be a summer event like it has in the past, we had it start at the beginning of the academic year so that incoming first year students can participate. As a result of the change, we had a total of 990 medical student participants which is a huge increase from last year’s 774 participants!

Region IV wins Best Region overall
UNECOM Wins Best Chapter overall

Between August 1st to October 1st your commitment to wellness helped us complete a total of 22,135.31 miles and raise a total of $5,534.08! Every year chapters also competes against one another to see who can rack up the most miles. This year the award went to UNECOM, who completed a total of 1,348 miles. Congratulations UNECOM!

Here’s a breakdown by region:

Region 4: 6274.04 total miles $1568.51
Region 1: 4787.15 total miles $1196.79
Region 2: 3931.52 total miles $982.88
Region 5: 3930.19 total miles $982.55
Region 3: 3212.41 total miles $803.35

SOMA Foundation Scholarship Recipients

Every year the SOMA Foundation gives out eight fall scholarships to students. This year the winners included:

  • Robert S. Juhasz Innovative Leadership in Osteopathic Medicine Scholarship: Nasir Malim
  • New Member Scholarship: Harleen Sethi, Matthew Heffelfinger, Elsie Ikpot, James Kramer, and Brooke Grill
  • Community and Preventive Medicine Scholarship: Brianne R. Feldpausch
  • Humanism in Medicine Scholarship: Justine Lazatin

Don’t miss out on future opportunities to win SOMA Foundation scholarships. The next round of scholarships will be available in the spring!

Nasir Malim, OMS IV (left) and Justine Lazatin, OMS III (right) are pictured receiving their SOMA Foundation Scholarships.

SOMA Excellence in Research Award

SOMA is proud to announce the creation of the SOMA Excellence in Research Award. This award was created to recognize SOMA’s commitment to supporting research and to highlight the impressive research work done by so many of our members.

Congratulations to Jay Olson, OMS II from AZCOM, the first ever winner of the SOMA Excellence in Research Award!

Interested in pursuing research, but not sure where to start? Contact our Research Director ( for access to resources and guidance to help you get started.

Scavenger Hunt

The SOMA OMED Scavenger Hunt had students and physicians running all over town to capture the best and “Most DO” pictures of San Diego and the conference. Take a look below to see some of our favorite scavenger hunt submissions.


The Learning Continues

Hands-On Workshops

Conferences are an opportunity to develop new skills and perfect the ones you might need some help with. Student workshops at OMED this year included: a suture workshop, an OMT in pregnancy workshop and a session on OMT for neurologic and GI complaints.

The SOMA Keynote Speaker

Rick Kittles, PhD, is a well-known researcher and healthcare advocate. He is known for his groundbreaking research on health disparities in the African American community, and his work to develop ancestry-informative genetic markers.

Lectures that Made us Think

There was no shortage of thought-provoking lectures and talks at OMED this year. Click on the links below to access the PowerPoint presentations from some of our speakers’ talks.

Have ideas for other great speakers that we could invite to OMED 2019 in Baltimore? Let our Convention Director know at

A Unique Volunteer Opportunity

SOMA members are committed to making a difference in their community, so when former chef Andrea Weir, OMS II found out we were headed to San Diego she put together an outreach event called Cooking Up Courage.

Andrea established a partnership with the San Diego-based organization PATH (People Assisting The Homeless), an organization that helps people transition out of homelessness, and then recruited 30+ SOMA volunteers. Together they set to work bringing to life the Cooking Up Courage workshop.

The workshop had 3 goals:

  1. Create a nutritious and well-balance meal for the 130+ residents of the PATH home.
  2. Teach osteopathic medical students about nutrition and how to council patients about eating healthy on a budget.
  3. Encourage osteopathic medical students to implement the Cooking Up Courage workshop in their own communities.

Want find out how to bring the Cooking Up Courage workshop to your own community? Contact


Leadership Opportunities

Want to be involved in national SOMA leadership?

Earlier this year the SOMA BoT voted to change the timeline for the selection of the remaining national leadership positions. Deadlines and application instructions will be announced in your SOMA Member Monday emails later this fall, but the important dates to keep in mind are:

December 1st: applications for Secretary and NBD Chair are due.
January 1st: applications for NBD positions are due.

To learn about national leadership positions available within SOMA we invite you to read the SOMA Constitution and Bylaws. Here you will find out what positions exist and what the eligibility criteria are for each.

If you’re interested in any of these positions, contact our current leaders to learn more. Email our Vice President at