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Our Story
Founded by sibling duo Dr. Neela Sethi Young (pediatrician in Los Angeles) and Shaan Sethi (former private equity investor), Jaanuu launched in 2013 to disrupt a placated medical uniform landscape. Jaanuu is derived from the Hindi word for life—jaan—in reverence to all that life challenges our community to face, accept, and overcome on their roads to achieving greatness.

Our Mission
We inspire healthcare professionals’ journeys to perform at their best. We study the strength with which they operate to deliver the most innovative uniforms in the world.

We embrace all kinds, colors, genders, identities, physiques, and ages, as well any point of view that doesn’t exclude or marginalize others. We seek to speak up, reach out, and look inward in response to social issues, and to celebrate the underdog who rises to systemic obstacles and challenges.

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