Nervous Residency? Reach out ResidencyMatch Pro for Expert Advice

Residency MatchPrepPro, LLC is founded by Dr. Jennifer Hofer, an anesthesiologist and critical care medicine specialist, and former Residency Program Director and Resident Recruitment Committee Chair at the University of Chicago. Dr. Hofer utilizes her experience as a leader in graduate medical education to work with medical students to be successful in
rotations and residency interviews. A successful rotation can lead to a stronger letter of recommendation. This letter could be the determining factor as to whether you receive an interview, and ultimately a desired residency match. For interviews, prepare to effectively communicate to a recruitment committee who you are, why you want to be there, and why you think you are the right fit for the program. With Residency MatchPrepPro, learn actionable ideas that can help you differentiate yourself as a candidate for residency. Proper preparation can lead to success. All services provided by Residency MatchPrepPro are developed by Dr. Hofer, and all Residency MatchPrepPro™ sessions are directly with Dr. Hofer. Residency MatchPrepPro is offering a special promotional code unique to SOMA members. Please visit to learn more.

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