“We Are the Vaccine” Campaign

Join SOMA’s “We are the Vaccine” Campaign!! Help us advocate for students and fight to increase vaccine awareness by sharing your vaccine experience with us. Please tell us why you chose to get vaccinated and upload a photo of you receiving your vaccine. We will share this on social media to help SOMA normalize vaccinations. In addition to sharing your stories with us, we encourage you to engage with your communities and post on your personal social media accounts using the national campaign hashtag #ThisIsOurShot.

Our country is still burdened by the continued spread of COVID-19. Many medical students are struggling with vaccine distribution challenges. This is a time to look beyond the overwhelmed healthcare system for solutions. Below you will find alternative ways you can get vaccinated and participate in the campaign.

  1. Contact your local Medical Reserve Corps to see if you can volunteer with the vaccine rollout. This is a great way to be involved with community efforts on a continued basis. They have great volunteer opportunities available year around!
  2. Speak to your Dean or key faculty member to see if they would be willing to partner with the Department of Health or entity in charge of vaccination efforts in your region. To find more resources and assistance, contact NACCHO.
  3. Call/email your Governor to ask students who are trained to give injections with supervision (or who can be quickly trained to do so) be allowed to help with these efforts, and the students receive priority access to the vaccine themselves.

Please, contact your designated faculty person at your COM before volunteering for in-person events. Reach out to Community Outreach Director, Courtney Thrower, at CommunityOutreach@studentdo.org or Region I Trustee Elect, Scott Landman, at  Region1Elect@studentdo.org if you have any questions or concerns. We would love more suggestions if you have any.