Chair of the Overdose Prevention Task Force – APPLY NOW!

The Opioid Overdose Prevention Task Force will be selecting its Chair position for the 2021-2022 term. The position will be open to all SOMA Members. If interested, please send your resume and a letter of intent with your vision for the Task Force (less than 1000 words) no later than February 12th to

Tentative position duties:

One-year position – transition starts March 2021 (can be reselected for multiple terms)

  • Oversee and lead all activities, projects, and research of the Overdose Prevention Task Force (OPTF) with the OPTF’s Six Pillars in mind (Good Samaritan Laws, naloxone distribution, medical-assisted treatments, harm reduction, stigma, and barriers to care).
  • Plan and delegate responsibilities of all projects and assume those responsibilities in the event of a failure by the delegated party.
  • Communicate progress and any other pertinent information to the Community Outreach Director.
  • Appoint a Vice-Chair.
  • Select Region Administrators for each of SOMA’s regions in coordination with the Vice-Chair.
  • Create Task Forces in each school in coordination with the national OPTF leadership.
  • Coordinate with the Vice Chair and Region Administrators to create Action Plans for each participating school and assist schools as needed.
  • Create an end-of-year National Assessment and vision for the next year based on each Region and COM’s Action Plan accomplishments.

For reselection, the same selection process is repeated for new applicants at the end of each term. The OPTF will review applications and notify the selected applicant by March 2021 via email. If you have any questions, please email or Community Outreach Director, Courtney Thrower, at