SOMA presented its report to COCA this morning. The report focussed on three topics:

  1. Graduate Medical Education and the concern about the rising number of osteopathic medical students matriculating every year.
  2. Curriculum standards and the desire among students to see topics like cultural competency and the business of medicine included in medical school curriculums across the nation.
  3. Medical student wellness addressed through increased resources for physical health and fitness as well as including a standard revision to help mitigate student debt.

Here are two highlights from the report:

“Graduate Medical Education is a topic that continues to preoccupy osteopathic medical students. We see the growing number of students matriculating at colleges of osteopathic medicine every year, and view this trend with some concern, wondering whether there will be a bottleneck to GME that will squeeze us out of a residency in the future.”

“…Our student members continue to advocate through resolutions in our House of Delegates and other means, for the inclusion of certain types of material in the curricula of all COMs. When we look at the standards laid down by our allopathic colleagues at the LCME, we see that perhaps there is room to be a bit more prescriptive than we are at present, in the interest of ensuring that our students receive a well rounded education that prepares them for the reality of practicing medicine in 2018. Therefore, as the Standards Review Committee reviews the standards of the COCA we encourage consideration of the inclusion of two topics in Standard 6: Cultural Competency and the Business of Medicine. We have found that these are the two areas where students consistently feel that they are poorly prepared for clinical practice and would like additional training.”

Curious to know more? Take a look at the full report.