How can I learn more about all the medical/surgical specialties? How do I learn more about specific residencies? What does a day in a life as a physician (post-residency) really look like? How can I make myself more competitive for residency?

If you have ever wondered about the answer to these questions and don’t know where to go, the answer lies in attending professional conferences. Some conferences are broad and all encompassing (like OMED), but most are smaller and limited by specialty.

You will find a list of Professional Osteopathic Associations and their respective conferences for the upcoming 2018 year HERE. Most conferences have free or reduced pricing for students, so take advantage of it while you can! Also included in the file are links to the main pages of each association (if they have one).

If some of these conferences are too far for you to travel, don’t forget to consider your local state society. They usually have conferences as well that you can take attend.

It might be intimidating at first to try and attend a conference, but you never know what may happen if you do. You might meet a resident or program director that may open the door to the residency of your dreams. Or you might figure out that the specialty you were aiming for doesn’t work with your personality at all. You will never know until you attend one.

Good luck!
Dennis M. Datuin, OMS III, MBS
Professional Development Director