Speaking Heart-to-Heart at LMU-DCOM

LMU-DCOM has developed a Heart-to-Heart and has gotten it off to a great during the fall semester.  Students have been working in conjunction with a local elementary school to host the mentor program. Through the Heart-to-Heart program, students at LMU-DCOM are able to interact with young students in order to provide them with positive role models and broaden their horizons. Activities have ranged from visiting the Abraham Lincoln Museum to discussing health and hygiene with the children. The program has been well received by both elementary and medical students, and SOMA hopes to expand the program in the coming years.  We usually have 30-40 children and 10-15 DCOM students. Great job guys! 


SOMA in Seattle

The SOMA Chapter at Nova (NSU-COM) had their largest turnout for a conference yet this year at OMED! 32 SOMA members walked the streets of Seattle as they participated in workshops and distinguished guest lectures.  This conference helped to increase awareness about SOMA within the Nova campus. The students really enjoyed themselves and are looking forward to DO Day on the Hill in the Spring! 


Professional Development at LECOM-B

SOMA and IHI collaborated to host “Six Sigma: Belts, Champions, and Certifications,” an informational session with the purpose of educating students on the Six Sigma model of process improvement. At the event, two accomplished members of the LECOM Bradenton faculty, Mr. Jeff Myers, associate counsel and adjunct professor of health services administration and Mr. Timothy Novak, director of the health services administration masters program at LECOM Bradenton addressed a group of 38 first and second year osteopathic medical students. They explained the various “belts” of Six Sigma, how to get them, and the uses and values of certification.

Focusing on the Underserved at LECOM-B

Headed by their public health chair Meera Bhakta, LECOM-B an underserved panel collectively held by SOMA, FOMA, and SGA. This panel brought to light some of the challenges and joys of serving underserved populations. Students gathered to hear three physicians speak: Dr. Luna, president of FOMA and family physician who works with an underserved Hispanic population in South Florida; Dr. Capoocia, a family physician who volunteers at a free clinic and works with victims of domestic violence ; and Dr. Siddique, a cardiologist who volunteers at a free clinic . They explained the need for creativity for treatment and continued practice of empathy as part of good clinical practice.  Nice job taking a step back from school and focusing on what really matters guys! 

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