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Region II - Student Osteopathic Medical Association

LMU-DCOM SOMA and SaGE Club Domestic Violence Awareness PSA, Small Group Discussion, and Brown Bag Lunch

October was Domestic Violence Awareness month, and LMU-DCOM SOMA in coordination with the Social and Gender Equality club (SaGE) hosted a variety of events in support of those survivors and victims of domestic violence. We had a PSA table with local resources, including shelters, counseling, information regarding signs of abuse/what to do about it, and  information regarding other community events in October for Domestic Violence Awareness. We also held a small group discussion and brown bag lunch where survivors shared their stories and discussed their experiences, as well as LMU counselors and local police, providing insight to domestic violence in the local community. The small group discussion was very powerful and really engaged students and demonstrated the support that is present at LMU-DCOM from peers, faculty, and local law enforcement. Below is a photo of members of the class wearing purple to support Domestic Violence Awareness on National #PurpleThursday

LMUDCOM domestic violence awareness

LMU-DCOM Eating Healthy on a Budget Workshop

Lincoln Memorial University DeBusk College of Osteopathic Medicine SOMA hosted a "Eating Healthy on a Budget" Workshop. 

September was National Fruit and Veggies- More Matters Month! LMU-DCOM SOMA hosted a nutrition workshop, “Eating Healthy on a Budget” to discuss ways to promote a nutritious lifestyle as well as how to do that while as medical students, are living on limited funds. We had John Yow, RD, lecture us on ways to promote a healthy lifestyle on a budget and then held an interactive session, inviting students to participate in making a healthy meal together. Each student had a different role in the cooking process, and assisted cleaning and preparing vegetables for a soup we made. We discussed important parts of the cooking process as well as using various cooking devices (i.e. pressure cooker) that are quick to use when we are on a time crunch. Afterwards, we reviewed the nutritional information for our meal and then shared the meal together. Shown below is Dr. Yow helping to prepare the soup we made. Overall, it was a great success and we hope to do the event again at our annual Mobile Food Pantry & Wellness Fair in the spring, so the community can enjoy it as well. 

LMUDCOM eating healthy

OUHCOM-Athens Monthly Casseroles-For-Comfort

Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine - Athens Campus SOMA holds a Casseroles-For-Comfort event every month with their local Hospice Center. SOMA members help put together casseroles, which are then frozen. Whenever someone passes away from Hospice, the casseroles are delivered to the family of the departed to help during their time of grieving. Awesome work providing support to your community OUH-COM Athens! pastedImage

pastedImage 1

OUHCOM-Dublin Health Policy Talks

Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine - Dublin Campus hosted a health policy talk on October 25 featuring Greg Moody, Director of the Governor's Office of Health Transformation (OHT). Director Moody is one of Governor Kasich's main health policy advisors and a member of his Cabinet. OHT is responsible for coordinating the macro-level health policy in Ohio for everything from Medicaid spending to electronic health records requirements. At the talk, Director Moody discussed efforts by the OHT to move from a fee-for-service payment model in Ohio to a pay-for-value structure. The Athens and Cleveland OU-HCOM campuses also participated in the event via the school's video conference technology. It was an insightful talk and almost 100 people across all three campuses participated in the event. SOMA OU Dublin 1SOMA OU Dublin 4

GA-PCOM Panel at Georgia Tech!

Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine - Georgia Campus SOMA participated in a panel for the undergraduates at Georgia Institute of Technology on October 24. They were so thrilled to be able to give advice to pre-medical students and teach them about opportunities in osteopathic medicine, as well as introduce them to their local osteopathic medical school. Several Georgia Tech alumni (SOMA leaders) came back to their alma mater and spent almost 2 hours answering questions about the DO deree, OMM, medical school curriculum, and the medical school application process. Way to go, GA-PCOM!14702359 3802186649598 1480621400698072500 n

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Region II Trustee

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Katharyn Downs Cassella, OMS III

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